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The Girl in a Picture Frame

To learn a little bit more about Anna Michaels, check out some of these websites that relate to her life and interests.

Anna's hometown is Savannah, Georgia, a city steeped in history and known for its beauty and Southern charm.

Anna leaves Savannah to attend fictional Kohler University in Philadelphia. Anna is drawn to Philadelphia because its cobblestone streets and old brick townhouses remind her of her hometown.

Anna's in a bit of a musical rut. Lucas gives her a crash course in good music, starting with the Beatles.

Anna can't resist a good meal. When Lucas tries to impress her with lamb chops and risotto, he likely got his recipes on epicurious.

Anna is passionate about Dutch art and has the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets to visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and see some of her favorite Rembrandt pieces in person.

Anna is especially moved by her visit to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.

So is this reincarnation business for real? There are certainly a lot of different theories out there.


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